– Share your screen with anybody within five seconds

Most people recognize that sharing screens can be both challenging and time consuming. With ITX Screen Sharing you can share your screen with anybody in less than five seconds. The screen can be shared to both mobile, tablet and PC screens

ITX Screen Sharing makes screen sharing easy!


In addition to its high usability, you will find statistics presenting the number of times the screens have been shared, the duration of each screen sharing session, as well as feedback from the viewers, rating the content of the presentation.

As a result you will easily and frequently be able to share your screens. You will know how much time is spent sharing, and you will have full knowledge of the viewers opinion on the quality of the material being presented.

ITX Screen Sharing is ideal if you work with web sales, customer service, or simply  want to be able to share your screen.

ITX Screen Sharing requires no installation!


When you share your screen, an SMS or an email with a link is sent to the receiver.

Once the link is clicked, your screen will immediately appear live on the device of the person you want to show something. Without them having to select or install anything.

Once the sharing has started a timer will start, and when the session is ended the viewer will be given opportunity to give feedback on the presentation.

For management functions this gives better insight into quality. If a bad rating is given, you will be alerted by mail.

ITX Screen sharing is as easy to use as it is brilliant.


To be able to help and give instructions, without being able to show what you are talking about, can be a difficult and time consuming task. ITX Screen Sharing solves this challenge, and helps you direct and support your customers, quickly and easily.

Use ITX Screen Sharing together with ITX UC to best handle switchboards, chat, social media inquiries, SMS, email, and task handling, all in one system.

I work with sale / web sale

The combination of ITX Dialer and ITX Screen Sharing builds an extremely powerful and efficient tool. ITX Dialer enables you to rapidly call numbers on a list, and once you are engaged in a conversation, sharing your screen is but one click away.

As a salesperson you have but seconds to catch the interest of the other part, and every second counts. With ITX Screen Sharing your customer will be able to see your screen after only a few seconds. There is nothing to select or programs to be installed. ITX Screen Sharing gives you more sales, less travel, more income and less expenses.

ITX Screen Sharing gives you control over the number of calls made, call duration, number of screen shares and screen share duration. As a part of ITX Dialer you will also get access to ITX Coaching, a tool enabling you to listen in, give advice and coach your agents during phone conversations and hence increasing quality.

Increased activity + increased quality = more sales.

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