ITX WebChat

– Get chat set up on your web page within only 5 minutes!

With ITX WebChat, chat inquiries are received at the same dashboard as phone calls and messages from social media. Seamless interaction intersect phone, chat, social media, email and SMS, and make cross channel communication smooth and efficient. If the agent is caught up in a phone call, the chat will be routed to another available agent. Smart control ensures optimal flow. A chat conversation can be transferred to another agent as easy as a phone call.

Encrypted transmission and automatic lookup.

ITX WebChat supports encrypted transmissions of selected information from your system. For instance information from you customer web or web page. ITX WebChat can perform automatic customer lookup in ITX EMS, or your own CRM system. The customer service agent saves time, and the customer gets quick and precise service.

Build templates

With templates you can give fast and informative replies, with less effort. The templates are language controlled, and can adapt automatically to each customers needs. The templates are accessible across all channels.


ITX’ many reports gives a comprehensive view over the overall activity, as well as a more detailed view of every single agent, channel, or conjoint.

Screen Sharing

As a part of ITX UC, you can now, with a single click, share your screen with a customer. Supplying quality customer service have never been easier. Read more at ITX Screen Sharing.

Measure customer satisfaction

ITX Rating enables measuring of customer satisfaction in all channels, down to the level of every agent. Low customer satisfaction is automatically reported to immediate superiors.

Create a case in ITX Ticket, or your own case handling system.

Chat conversations can easily be converted to cases in ITX Ticket, or in your own system. ITX Ticket conjoins inquiries from multiple channels, and make collaboration effortless.

Configuration and setup

ITX WebChat is surprisingly easy to set up. Usually less than five minutes. Colours, fields, opening hours, etc. can easily be overruled according to your own preferences. Contact us and we will get you started.


ITX UC offers an open API, meaning that all ITX UC modules, like ITX WebChat, can be integrated. ITX UC supports encrypted REST_API and Rest WebHook for live transfer to your system.

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