ITX Dialer – Advanced Call Boot

Mass call, feedback retrieval service, etc.

ITX Dialer is the complete product to reach a lot of people by phone in an efficient way.

ITX Dialer can be supplemented with ITX PBX, our switchboard solution, to get some truly unique advantages. It utilizes the available resources optimally, allowing an agent to handle both incoming ond outbound calls at the same time.

Benefits of adopting the ITX Dialer

1) No need to change the companies current telephone sets or switchboard solution.
2) All in one package. Maximum effect, one and the same person can handle both incoming and outbound calls.
3) Increased efficiency – ITX Dialer’s main feature is its powerful mass dialing ability. If embedded the intelligent Voice Mail Detection the outcome is immense.
4) Support for a variety of trade systems triggered by different response codes.
5) Available as single modules, tightly integrated into your system
6) Overview reporting and control


ITX Dialer consists of

Mass call with ITX Voice Mail Detection – Contact Multiple – Call up to 500% per. agent /seller

ITX Dialer supports calling multiple “prospects” in parallel per. Selling, for example, you want to contact three potential customers at a time per. seller. This is useful if the lists are of poor quality, for example. For massage, the solution is combined with the ITX Voice Mail Detection product extension. This module reveals whether the conversation is answered by a human or personal response. If there is a person answer the call, this will be highlighted and the system will continue to call the next entry. In the end, you’ll be left with a potential customer. This provides a highly efficient sales process.

ITX Dialer can also be set up to massages to a selection with numbers /assignments starting from a sound clip. In the audio clip you can be told, for example. enter 1 for “yes”, 2 for “no” and 3 for “do not know”. ITX Dialer will immediately be able to report back with the answers it has received. This can be used for marketing, alerting residents in a housing team and much more.

The following example deals with a housing company. They call the phone number xxx xx xxx, record a clip and then key # to start mass call. Everyone is then dialed with recorded clips, for example. “Hello! This is an automatic message from your housing team.” Saturday, next day, it is a good idea for the housing team. Press 1 if you come or hit 2 if you come next Saturday. ” After the end of the call, ITX Dialer will be able to report back in a web interface or notify directly per. SMS or email.

Why should I use ITX Dialer for mass calls?

There are several reasons to switch to ITX Dialer, including:

1) Spending time:

We take for example an example of 10 employees. These 10 employees call 300 calls each day. A total of 3,000 calls are made every day. For each call, use 15 seconds to read and dial the number.

3,000 calls * 15 seconds = 45,000 seconds = 12.5 hours. Every week, this will be 62.5 hours.

If you use ITX Dialer, you can cut this time. 62.5 hours saved each week per 10 employees. Salary, employer’s contribution and holiday pay, here’s a lot to spare by switching to ITX Dialer.

2) Better call rates

Through ITX Norway you can get very favorable call rates.

Switchboard integration – Increased efficiency – Active customer contact in the time you do not get inbound calls

ITX Dialer can be integrated with the switchboard through ITX PBX. While simultaneously performing mass calls, incoming calls can be combined through the switchboard. Many of our customers are contacting their customers or potential customers during the periods when no calls are received through the switchboard. ITX Dialer will even merge the conversations so that you get a workday filled with 100%. ITX Dialer will automatically understand that you receive calls via the switchboard, where ITX Dialer pauses massage.

Desktop application – mass call, control panel – full control

Together with ITX Dialer, it also comes with an interface. From here you can perform mass calls, log in and out of queues, keep track of conversations that are performed and more. The solution can be run on Windows, Linux, Mac, Client and Server (via Terminal Server like Citrix or similar). When a call is set up, the solution can look up in a subject system, for example. look up a case based on a mission. This can be a CRM system, ERP system or other case system. Appearance in vocabulary systems applies to both outbound mass calls and incoming calls via the switchboard. This means, for example, that when an inquiry arrives via the switchboard, it can be checked for example. There is a case on the caller’s phone number. If so, ITX Dialer automatically turns into the underlying system.

ITX Dialer can either be configured to launch the underlying system itself or integrate with underlying phage systems through web services /soap, XML, JSON or other API exchanges.


Together with ITX Dialer, reports, statistics, etc. are also included, with full control over ring activity, and call activity through the switchboard. This provides good control over activity in your company as well as the ability to lift those who have potential for improvement.

Motivational and Performance-oriented TV Overview

ITX Dialer can also be delivered with the ITX iTV service – this allows you to display top lists of case managers /agents, both on incoming calls and outgoing, as well as a live overview of queue information. This may include information about the number in queue, number of agents, longest waiting time, etc. The combination of ITX Dialer and ITX iTV gives increased motivation and makes your employees perform more. Competition is important!

Integration with trade systems

ITX Dialer can be integrated into vocabulary systems that can be triggered when receiving /setting up /ending a call, automatically dialing based on phone numbers by opening a given case in the application, a particular customer, etc., but also integrating it with the phonebook through webservice /soap, standard XML, json etc.

Integration from CRM, ERP etc. to ITX Dialer

You can integrate all types of systems through the ITX Dialer API. The API is based on the primitive HTTP protocol, so it’s very easy to integrate your system with ITX Dialer. An example of integration is the introduction of “call button” in the CRM system. ITX Dialer then puts user of the CRM system into contact with the customer. This also happens without any kind of installation at the customer. It does not matter to ITX Dialer if the user of the system uses a mobile phone, landline phone or IP phone.

Requires no installation or changes to existing phone solution

ITX Dialer requires no installation or customization of existing telephone systems at the customer. The solution supports mobile phones, landlines and IP telephones. ITX can also deliver phones directly connected to ITX Dialer for full flexibility around reporting and statistics.