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Save time and money by combining all communication channels in one single system


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Easy integration with today’s systems

Increasing demand for accessibility and communication is increasingly required in traditional communication channels and in social media. We have helped a number of companies streamline their communication and made it possible to handle all communication channels in one simple solution.

Advanced queue management, prioritization of requests, and a host of other configurable features allow ITX UC to be customized to you and your needs.

There are many reasons to use the market-leading ITX Unified Communication (ITX UC) platform.

– A fully integrated communication solution for all channels
– Enhances outbound and inbound activity – you get more profitable
– Pop-up against CRM/ERP on both incoming and outgoing calls
– Import and export of call tasks from CRM/ERP
– Better control of activities through Live reports
– Recording of calls – automatically or manually
– Coaching and training function
– Easy to get started, no software installation is required
– Security – The calls are encrypted
– API – All features and reports can be started from CRM/ERP through the ITX UC API

ITX Unified Communication


Our UC modules can be delivered standalone, in prepackaged solutions, or customized to your needs.

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ITX Dialer – calling robot

ITX Dialer is a complete solution for those who want to reach out to potensial or existing customers by phone. ITX Dialer can also be combined with ITX PBX for integrated switchboard, which allows the outbound calls to be merged with inbound calls for better efficiency. ITX Dialer can call several prospects per. agent to increase efficiency!

Learn more about ITX Dialer


ITX LiveChat

ITX LiveChat is integrated into ITX UC. LiveChat requests are routed via the shared queues, thus sending inquiries to the nearest available online agent. Which query is available can be determined from where on the website the customer is.
This gives the opportunity to route the customer to the right place immediately. LiveChat can also be transferred between departments/users.


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