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An increasing demand for accessibility and communication is required, both in traditional  communication channels, as well as in social media.

ITX UC is a cloud based solution providing a seamless interaction between switchboard, dialer, chat, SMS, social media, email, ticketing and screen sharing. ITX makes communication easy and efficient. 

ITX UC supports widgets and customer lookup against your existing business system. This provides your agents with immediate access to the required information from your other systems.

ITX’s new Intelligent Routing solution enables inbound calls to be transferred directly to the right agent, or department, based on the existing data in your business system.


  • One single unified solution for both customer service and sales.
  • Efficiently enhances the ability to handle outgoing calls (dialer) and incoming inquiries.
  • Automatic routing of calls based on your existing customer data.
  • Customer lookup against your systems, on all inquiries, both outbound and incoming.
  • Widget to present data from your excising business system.
  • Rate customers satisfaction on all channels.
  • ITX Screen Sharing makes web sales and customer service easier.
  • ITX “TV-kiosk” make your department’s KPI a common responsibility.
  • Web based solution, no installation.
  • Open API and Webhook framework.
  • Quick and easy import and export of call tasks from CRM/ERP.
  • Full control over all activity through live reports.
  • Automatically or manually call recording .
  • Coach and train new agents and existing staff with co-listening and whispering functions.
  • Encrypted communication.

ITX Unified Communication


ITX Intelligent Routing

– Smart routing of incoming inquiries

Imagine calling a company and needing assistance with a case. You have already sent the company an email, and there might be a case handler already responsible for your case. When you call, a recorded voice asking you to select among several key options, and when you finally reach a case handler, they are unfamiliar with your case.
With ITX Intelligent Routing there are no key options; you will be connected to your case’s owner immediately, provided they are available. Alternatively you will be transferred to someone in the same department possessing the necessary knowledge to help you. The outcome is better customer service, more satisfied customers and a lot of time saved internally.

Connect ITX Intelligent Routing to your business system and perform routing based on your existing customer data.


ITX Dialer – Advanced Call Boot

– Enhance your activity on outbound calls.

ITX Dialer is designed for companies requiring high activity and high pace dialing. It can be combined with ITX Switchboard, and prioritize inbound calls, resulting in an efficient workday. When the inbound call is concluded, ITX Dialer automatically reactivates, and the agent is back in the loop. ITX Dialer will adjust the number of simultaneous outbound calls, based on the level of responses. In customer segments with a low responsive rate this will give you a high level of both efficiency and activity. ITX Voice Recognition feature will increase the hit rate even further.

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ITX LiveChat

– Get chat at your web page within 5 minutes.

With ITX LiveChat, chat inquiries are received in the same dashboard as phone calls and messages from social media. Seamless interaction between phone, chat, social media, email and SMS and make communication easy and efficient. If the agent is caught up in a phone call, the chat will be routed to another available agent. Smart control ensures optimal flow. A chat conversation can be transferred to another agent, as easily as a phone call.

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ITX Ticket

– Case system gathering phone calls, email, chat, SMS and sosial media.

There is an ever increasing demand for accessibility and communication through both traditional communication channels, as well as in social media. Customer service and case working can quickly be confusing, complex and inefficient, when having to deal with a multitude of different communication channels. ITX Ticket gathers inquiries from channels such as email, phone calls, chat, SMS and social media in an all encompassing system.

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ITX Screen Sharing

– Share your screen with anybody within 5 seconds.

Many service providers will recognize that sharing screens can be both challenging and time consuming. With ITX Screen Sharing you can share your screen with anybody in less than five seconds. The screen can be shared to both mobile-, tablet- and PC screens.
ITX Screen Sharing is screen sharing made easy!

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– Efficient communication by SMS

ITX SMS is suitable for:

  • Anybody in need of a two-way communication with their customers,
  • Running SMS campaigns
  • Conducting surveys
  • Anybody in need of an SMS gateway.

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