ITX Unified Communication

ITX Unified Communication (ITX UC) is a complete multi-channel communication platform for small and large businesses.

ITX UC is suitable for anyone who wants to streamline and personalize inbound calls based on your CRM or ERP system, enhance outbound phone activity, advanced activity reports, view of KPIs on TV, coaching functionality, automatic redirect of employees’ phones when they leave their space.

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ITX VOS – Online Virtual Operating System

Use a robust and proven core by reliating your project into your unique outfit
By using ITX VOS, we can develop online solutions in your design/suit. The graphical interface then connects to functional controllers through the product ITX VOS, a backend/server interface for functional operations. ITX VOS is a kind of functional operating system developed by ITX Norway for the standardization of advanced functional solutions.

ITX VOS allows you to quickly get started, save time, and use a host of existing functionality that can be quickly implemented in your website.

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ITX Portal

ITX Norway supplies all its online solutions through the ITX Portal product. ITX Portal is a robust, scalable feature-oriented portal. The portal consists of a number of standard modules such as CRM, ERP, telephone exchange functionality, functionality for mobile operators, the energy industry and more.

If you want one or more self-developed modules, this makes it easy to integrate so that it becomes part of the other solution.

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ITX IOEngine is an advanced product for mapping/converting files for formats, databases and more. ITX IOEngine consists mainly of one or more sources, data retrieval, mapping of data and writing to one or more outputs, and delivery to one or more desired delivery points.

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ITX Intelligent Locking System

Are you renting out warehouses/warehouses or rooms/rooms in rooms etc. and want this automated?
– We have the solution!

ITX Norway supplies products that let renters pay rent on the website or app on the phone: You pay for a given period (from day to several years) or indefinite time. Depending on what you want, you can set up moves per. month, quarter or year. In advance or in arrears. The doors in the warehouse/shelter are opened by entering an automatically generated code of the subscription. You only need to enter the correct code, and you have active subscription with coverage. The solution can also be combined with camera surveillance and logging of each one that unlocks the door.

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ITX VPS: Virtual Server Hosting

ITX Norway offers rental of virtual servers in their own operating environment. We do not overbook and resources are not shared with others. Our virtual servers are suitable for businesses who want to place websites, applications and apps in a stable and fast operating environment. With the additional service ITX Online Backup, we can take full backup of your virtual server, including snapshots, for example. 30 days. This means that we can recreate your entire server at any time, or retrieve files from a previous snapshot. Our servers are monitored continuously, and errors and discrepancies are detected immediately. Contact us for offers on virtual servers.


ITX Personal

From January 1, 2014, there were new rules for hairdresser /beauty care, restaurant /place of delivery or car care /car repair shop. ITX Personal makes it easy to maintain the personnel database, where each employee leads when you arrive and when you leave work.

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ITX Voice Alert

Alert system that can call many thousands at a time in parallel, the system may in these cases be a confirmation of the received message, but also request more feedback. An example of this is the notification of hospital employees in emergency situations, where the system can, within minutes, map how many can be done within 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours etc. The solution can also be used for those who want a system that contacts customers with due invoice, flow meter reading etc. – The applications are many.

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ITX Port Phone

ITX Norway has developed a brand new type of portphone that is feature-rich and forward-looking, while it’s very cost-effective. Imagine that you will not need any telecommunications cables that connect the port phone with each apartment at the same time as all electronics for the port phone solution are no longer needed. This reduces operating and maintenance costs, as well as losing costs associated with new electronics the day it would become necessary. With our new solution, we want to give you the freedom to, among other things, become site-independent because you can also open the door directly from your mobile phone.

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