ITX was one of the first Norwegian providers of a comprehensive communication solution for contact centers/switchboards and call centers.

The ITX UC communication system is favored by big/large and small companies in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Polen, Denmark, England, The Netherlands, China, and Australia.

ITX UC is a highly scalable cloud based solution, suitable for small companies with a few workers up until large international companies with thousands of employees. ITX provides seamless interaction, intersecting switchboard, dialer, chat, SMS, social media, email, ticket and screen sharing. ITX UC makes communication easy and efficient.

ITX goal/purpose is to develop solutions that can be closely integrated with business system, for instance showing your agents relevant information immediately. Automatic routing of incoming calls to a case owner, or a department, based on existing data of an existing case, can remove the need of key selection. Imagine getting your call transferred directly to the sale department if the customer just bought something, to delivery if the customers had goods delivered yesterday, or directly to the mechanic if you had your car in for repair in a larger car company. ITX makes your workday easier and more efficient.

ITX UC will give you flexibility, and open API, and a Webhook framework. Through open API, ITX enables customers to automate manual processes. It’s up to our customers to choose if they want to do the integration themselves, or get help from our consultants.


  • One single unified solution for both customer service and sales.
  • Efficiently enhances the ability to handle outgoing calls (dialer) and incoming inquiries.
  • Automatic routing of calls based on your existing customer data.
  • Customer lookup against your systems, on all inquiries, both outbound and incoming.
  • Widget to present data from your excising business system.
  • Rate customers satisfaction on all channels.
  • ITX Screen Sharing makes web sales and customer service easier.
  • ITX “TV-kiosk” make your department’s KPI a common responsibility.
  • Web based solution, no installation.
  • Open API and Webhook framework.
  • Quick and easy import and export of call tasks from CRM/ERP.
  • Full control over all activity through live reports.
  • Automatically or manually call recording .
  • Coach and train new agents and existing staff with co-listening and whispering functions.
  • Encrypted communication.


​​Contact Information

Feel free to contact us by phone or by e-mail. Together we will find good solutions.

ITX Norge AS (998 024 986 MVA)
Borgeskog 47

Phone: 236 80 400