ITX Norway proudly presents a selection of customer references in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Ireland and Australia. Customers who use ITX Norway’s products and tailored solutions tailored to the needs of each customer.


Visma is the Nordic region’s leading provider of software and services for economics and administration. We are known as a company with financial strength and solid growth.
Our goal is to simplify and automate business processes in both the private and public sectors. As a supplier, we offer customers a unique opportunity to select and combine software and outsourcing services.

Visma’s product and service portfolio is becoming increasingly popular. 340 000 Northern European customers use our products and services. An additional 330,000 use Visma as a hosting partner. The group has more than 5,000 employees and had a turnover of NOK 5 748 million in 2012.



ABAX AS is a Norwegian limited company that develops and distributes electronic driving books. In 2012, over 100 people are employed in the company, distributed on sales, customer care, administration and development.
The company develops both hardware and software internally and has more patents on its products.
ABAX sells electronic driving books in a number of countries.


Entecho Pty Ltd, Australia

Pushing the boundaries of aeronautical innovation, Entecho Pty Ltd has designed, developed and proven a flight technology with the potential to revolutionize air transport and travel.

Entecho’s core flight technology allows compact vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) craft of various scale. Entecho’s first two VTOL platforms are the YouFly, a manned Personal Aerial Vehicle (PAV) and the Mupod, a Micro Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV).

Our product design, development and validation process uses techniques derived from the recreational vehicle industry that produce light, safe and economical vehicles. A mass-produced, low cost flying vehicle, with no need for runways or airport infrastructure, is of significant interest to several markets. These include Recreation, Defense, Aerospace and Emergency Rescue. Future evolution of such a vehicle may ultimately lead to the flying car.

Entecho’s team of bright, creative individuals are planning and executing a rapid prototype development program, which should deliver some exciting news in mid 2013.



 Safemate is a personal security alarm to be carried by your loved ones and used when in danger. Safemate AS was founded in February 2011. Our vision is “Security for all!” Our focus is safety, ease of use and simplicity.



European Energy Group

 European Energy Group AS is a professional, privately owned holding company with headquarters in Oslo, Norway. In addition, the group consists of 3 wholly owned subsidiaries in Norway, Sweden and Finland within the energy sector. Vårt mål er at udvide vores forretning over hele Europa over de kommende år. Den gruppe er opplever sterk vækst og vi er præsenteret for 50 højt engagerede medarbejdere, og vi er altid på udkig efter mere.

Revenues /profit for 2012 were approx. 15 MEUR /1.3 MEUR.



 Our employees work only with two things. To offer you as a customer pure renewable electricity at the lowest possible price and provide you with optimal customer service. We are 100% independent of electricity manufacturers and create real competition in the Finnish electricity market with our competitive conditions. Why pay too much for electricity? The price /quality ratio does not apply to electricity. It is only price and quality of customer service that apply.

We focus on the quality of our customer service and our goal is to have the best in customer service on the market to give you the follow-up you deserve.



 Svekraft AB is an independent private electricity company with no connection to electricity distribution or electricity generation.
We therefore have no interest in influencing electricity prices in order to maximize revenues from own electricity production.

Being a customer of Swedish Power Management directly contributes to reducing power producers’ market power. It is with our customers that we create real price competition in an oligopolistic market!


Oslo Power

 Oslo Kraft must be the company’s preferred power supplier. We are one of the few in the market that does not earn high electricity prices and own production, which makes over 90% of the other power suppliers. We will make sure that you have products that are good in the short and long term and common to all the products is that they provide security in relation to the consumer’s energy costs.


Youfly Entecho Ltd, Irland

The YouFly is a revolution in airborne mobility; a compact, safe and agile airborne device capable of high altitudes.
It creates a space between the ground bound hovercraft and the helicopter.

Capable of high rates of acceleration, in both cornering, banking and braking, it is designed to usher in a new generation of recreational vehicle capable of delivering fun over all types of terrain. It can provide previously unprecedented access to rock strewn rivers, swamplands and sea and sand combinations.


EEG Trading & Origination AS

EEG Trading & Origination AS was founded in 2013 and is a 100% owned by European Energy Group AS.
Our main focus is to trade financial power and develop new products and services on behalf of the companies in the European Energy Group.